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Being Successful Involves an Evolution of You

A desire fills up in your heart.

You write the vision and make it plain.

You achieve the goal. The overwhelming feeling of accomplishment, pride, and fulfillment overtakes you.

Burdens lift.

You rinse and repeat the formula until you achieve a blissful life.

What I described is an extremely simple process that we assume leads to a successful life. Although this cookie-cutter approach seems to be attainable, using this formula to guarantee success will set you up for frustration and discouragement. It is unrealistic to expect your journey towards success to be a linear one without detours. In general, people usually overestimate how long it takes to reach each milestone, underestimate the impact of their skills and willpower, and don’t account for all of the resources they need along the way.

It’s just human nature.

So, how do you confidently place your foot onto the path of repeated and sustainable success? First, you should be aware that there are key gaps that need to be filled between your unmet desires and the fulfillment you seek in order for your efforts to count towards steady progress. They are the gaps between:

  • Illusory and Realism (having wild imaginations or not visualizing at all)

  • Accountability and Exemption (thinking you control all circumstances or not taking responsibility for anything)

  • Subconscious and Conscious Behaviors (having no awareness for the reasoning behind your actions or being trapped in hyper consciousness)

There is one main concept that closes the gap in each of the scenarios: personal evolution

Personal evolution invites you to actively change from the inside out in order to influence your circumstances. Much more than sporadic growth, evolution involves making meaningful change in every part of your life while adapting to external changes simultaneously. When evolution occurs, you will find yourself moving forward in a naturally progressive manner.

Let me clarify! I am not proposing that you must pursue levels of perfection or strive to have life all figured out in order to be successful. However, there are thought patterns, skills, and habits that need to be pruned for growth in order for you to experience manifestation. Remember, the thoughts and behaviors that brought you to where you stand today will not be the thoughts and behaviors to take you to the next level. So, how do you evolve? It starts with baby steps, my friend. Here are a few ways you can ignite your personal evolution:

  • Instead of avoiding disarray, look for it. Take inventory of how your skills, talents, and experience can help to normalize a situation.

  • Understand that all obstacles are potential forms of leverage. Instead of “putting up with problems”, use them to your advantage. More often than not, the obstacle is the right path.

  • Learn to love learning. Find a way to make necessary items fun to learn. Be open to learning and evolution will be your new normal.

  • Commit to yourself to overcome issues and problems quickly. Despite how difficult it can be to suffer from emotional harm, healing quickly allows you to keep moving. Forgive and forget.

  • Become proficient with trusting your gut. Can you think of an instance where you wasted time due to indecisiveness? Know which decisions need your time and which do not. Don’t waste time choosing between breakfast cereals when growth opportunity decisions need your attention.

  • Know your gifts and take them seriously. Evaluate your skills, live in a way that you can constantly improve, and use them to your advantage. They will serve as the foundation for your success.

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. People often forego stepping outside of their comfort zone for fear of failure. However, failure is part of the process! Success is not a destination you arrive at with sunshine and roses in your pocket. Occasional failure produces character, grit, and even more breakthrough. Fail up!

  • Surround yourself with others who are either currently evolving or—at the very least—open to the idea of progression. When you keep company with people who are too comfortable with where they are, your vision becomes distorted and it places a wet blanket on your progress.

In my experience, when I put my ego aside and opened myself to receive knowledge from all angles, several of the above tips started to take root in my life without strain. Trepidation is normal but it's not a sign to abandon the goal. Remember, if you are not ready to evolve, you cannot handle attaining success.

Which of these will you start focusing on as part of your personal evolution? I have a great resource to help you get started!

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I know what it feels like to crave success but feel overwhelmed in trying to obtain it. This eBook serves as the best stepping stone to make a targeted effort towards achieving your heart’s desire for success.

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