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Coaching for Professionals

1-Hour Career Strategy Session

Where is your career going? Is what you're doing now leading to a career you're excited about or will you stay stuck in the cycle of unhappiness? Let me help you develop a strategy for your career that will lead to promotion and fulfillment without exhausting yourself to be seen.   

Format: Zoom Meeting

1-Hour Career Consultation With Asset Review

Are you positioned to attract employers who will expand your influence and authority? I will evaluate your current status and preparedness to transition into a career with authority.  Share your existing resume, cover letter, or career experience and receive in-depth feedback and next steps to build your brand.   

Format: Zoom Meeting

Talent Insights and Leadership Profile

Assessment and Coaching

Research shows that the most effective professionals understand themselves and develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment. Give your career and confidence a boost by taking an in-depth analysis into your behavioral and communication style, what motivates you into action, and your clarity of perception of reality internally and externally. This helps you to:

  • Minimize unnecessary conflict

  • Increase your productivity

  • Improve your ability to communicate effectively with any of your colleagues

  • Maximize your strengths and talents

  • Identify your ideal work environment

  • Stop wasting time on tasks that hide your greatness

  • Avoid applying for jobs you'll resent in six months

  • Understand if bias is affecting your work performance, relationships, and personal breakthrough

Format: Zoom Meeting. Once you signed up, you will receive a personalized link to take your assessment. Thereafter we will schedule your (3) coaching sessions based on your report.

Monthly Career Coaching

Steady progression through a career change is usually where people get stuck and prolong the process. With monthly coaching, we'll clarify direction, discuss your brand, and move you past job search hurdles. Together, we'll set milestones to obtain your new career and make a plan to achieve each one. 

Format: Zoom Meeting

90 Day Career Fix Signature Coaching Program

Launch into your career on purpose with this 12-week comprehensive program. Prepare yourself to obtain a career you LOVE in half the time it takes the average professional and with life-shifting personal and spiritual growth. I will walk you through the four program phases of Self-Discovery, Career Matching, Building Your Personal Brand, and Job Search Strategy. Click here for more information about the program and curriculum.

Format: Online course platform and Zoom Meeting

1 Session

Cost: $129

3 Sessions

Cost: $699

1 Session

Cost: $199


In partnership with


1 session per week booked monthly

 Cost: $899

12-Week Program with Coaching  Cost: $3,800

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