The 90 Day

Career Fix

Isn't it time to get ON purpose?

Take the 90 Day Career Fix!
The accelerated, Master's level program in leveling up in your life and ultimately your career. 
Did you know that it takes on average 6 months to start a new career? This program helps you to secure your ideal career in half the time with purpose in mind.

Sound Like You Right Now?

  • The primary purpose of going to work is to get a check and pay the bills (especially  your student loans)

  • You've hopped around to several jobs in several industries but you're still at a dead end

  • After work, you're too physically and mentally drained to devote any time towards your hobbies

  • You have no desire to be promoted at your current job


  • There are skills that you naturally excel in that you don't use at work


  • You aren't sure what a career looks like that allows you to shine in your gifts, talents, and abilities

I've definitely been there....

As a Certified Career Coach and an MBA with expertise in Marketing, I guide women strategically and successfully towards the transition from a stagnant job to ideal careers where they are fulfilled professionally, personally, and spiritually. 

I know what you’re going through right now.

When I graduated from college, I thought my ideal career would be easily attainable and growth would be a natural occurrence along my path. But, the truth is, 


I was ill-equipped to...

  • Understand the importance of applying to positions that highlighted my talents

  • Identify the type of work environment that works for my goals and temperament

  • Overcome the anxiety, depression, and frustration in my personal life that stemmed from my job (also known as the quarter-life crises)


Fast Forward to Today!


  • Have a salary higher than I've ever earned, in the exact location I wanted to be in, and amongst the type of leadership that would foster my growth

  • Walk in spiritual peace and flow because I am operating in my gifts daily

  • Be recognized as the "go-to" for relationship building 

  • Indulge in my hobbies such as traveling to different states to run races

  • Pour my gifts into my relationships because I walk in fulfillment every day



"I've had several unfulfilling jobs and a very long resume. "


I didn't quite know what I was looking for. I chose to work with Davina because of warm personality, her wealth of knowledge and her unique career coaching technique. Being able to work with someone who doesn't judge you on your work history was very important to me.


From taking a personality test to reconstructing my resume and having career therapy sessions, I feel like Davina understood where I was trying to go before I did. Davina gave me the confidence to get off the hamster wheel I was on. Because of her, I took a leap into the health and wellness industry and I've never felt more confident.


M. Ochoa

Health and Wellness Consultant




When God allows us to experience hardships and then He brings us through them, we are commissioned to help others dealing with the obstacles that we've walked through.


It's my calling to help you achieve the same success and freedom.

Let my struggle be your shortcut.

In our work together, we'll help you:


… get out of bed each day with enthusiasm for the new career you’ve obtained

… feel confident that you're walking in alignment with God's purpose for your life 

… gain the energy and freedom to give the attention needed to your personal life and relationships

The 90 Day Career Fix Program Includes

An Optimized Resume

Creating Brand "You"


Your resume is the first impression employers have of your assets. Studies show that recruiters only take six seconds to look at your resume. That means you need to have the right combination of solid experience, use of industry-related terms, and good formatting.


I have been writing resumes for over seven years. Coupled with 10 years of marketing experience, I will help you to express yourself as a personal brand. We will work together to tailor your resume for the career you're seeking.

Here's the Program Agenda

8 one-on-one coaching sessions

12 Weekly Video Trainings and Workbooks to give you step-by-step instruction


An optimized resume personally reviewed by me to ensure you get responses

Weekly Q&A coaching sessions that keep you on track with the program and focus on your spiritual development and personal growth

12 Weekly Video Trainings and Workbooks to give you step-by-step instruction in building and presenting your unique brand


An optimized resume personally reviewed by me to ensure you get responses

A mock interview session to help you overcome the mistakes you don't even realize you're making

Access to a half-day live training "Self-Care and the Professional Woman"


Bonus material including, How to Fast for Your Purpose, a Salary Negotiation Guide based on your new brand, and a Professional Headshot Checklist 

Check Out the Program Agenda


Ready to change your life by changing your career?


90 Day Career Fix is the sought after career transition program for professionals who have paid their dues and are willing to take the path towards change.


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This program is for professionals who are 100% committed to their own success and eager to walk out their purpose through their careers. 


Because of that, 90 Day Career Fix is by application only.


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