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Success Stories

I consider working with my clients a co-creative process. We are a team and I am your accountability partner. Together we work through your roadblocks, fears, and anxieties, and create a new, clear, and exciting path that aligns with your personal goals and spiritual development.


Here are some of the experiences I've shared with past clients:

Career Discovery

"Coaching was a great experience. I had the opportunity to work with Davina to get some clarity on my actual career goals and how to work towards them. In working with her it really shows that Davina truly listens, cares and wants to help. I enjoyed the one-on-one conversations that challenged me to really think about a number of things such as my strengths & weaknesses and what I consider as work place fulfilment. All in all, coaching was a great experience for me!"

- Shanelle Mack

Career Transition

"I learned about Davina's coaching skills during a very pivotal moment in my career--I was in a position I did not like, there were no opportunities for me grow in at my company and I was starting to let it slip via facial expressions and conversations that I was miserable. I made the decision that I had to start looking for a new job. During this transition, Davina helped me to focus positively on my current job, to stay motivated despite my wanting to leave, and to look at all the things I learned during my time there versus what I hadn't gotten chance to do or learn. In terms of looking for a new position, she helped me narrow down the field and only focus on applying to positions in line with my career AND life goals, so that the likelihood of me being unhappy at another job would be less. She was always available to help me navigate the nuances of the job search and application process--how to prepare for a phone interview, how soon to follow up after an interview and if the job seemed like a good fit for my skills. Whenever I had an interview, she was my cheerleader, ready to call and talk to me about how I thought it went, providing feedback and analysis for ways to improve or follow up. Davina's guidance and positive energy helped me get through this difficult time in my career and allowed for me to really focus on changing it! I could not have gotten through it all without her!"  - Nathaly Renderos

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