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I created Upward Paved Path to launch professionals into careers of authority that utilize their gifts and talents and prepare businesses to create spaces where top talent can thrive. Through the latest career transition principles, personal branding, and professional empowerment, I lead my clients to reach their fullest potential. "Corporate" or traditional work environments are now considered a scary place that younger generations are avoiding. With a few tweaks, the workplace can be the perfect fit for both businesses and professionals who are passionate about their craft.

I take a holistic approach to inspire continual growth and the sharpening of your competencies. I provide accountability, empowerment, professional development, and coaching from a practical and empathetic perspective. I believe that no matter where we started, we can create a new path and ultimately achieve joy, fulfillment, and influence.


Meet Your Coach

My name is Davina Ware and I am immersed in all things related to professional development and careers on purpose. I am a Career and Workplace Strategist with years of experience in helping professionals and businesses break through long-term challenges and create sustainable success. Since graduating from college, I have experienced dissatisfaction, stagnation, and heartache in my career and workplace. I've taken the knowledge and lessons I've learned in my tenure to find my ideal career and inspire healthy and thriving work environments. 


I, too, am on the road toward renewal and refinement as I share my trials, triumphs, and challenges in hopes that it motivates you. When I was younger, I was a pessimist with low self-esteem and a bleak outlook on life. Thankfully, I found value in working hard, being positive, pushing past disappointments through the grace of Jesus Christ. I am a devout Christian who puts God first in all I do. I will always come from a place that tries to display Jesus’ love as we are objects of his love.

Here's some other highlights about me:

  • My superpower is strategic empathy

  • Faculty coach with The Complete Leader  -  a leadership community, supporting leaders across the globe in their journey to grow and change their worlds.

  • Certified by the International Coaching Federation 

  • Certified Master Axiologist

  • MBA in Integrated Marketing Communications from Roosevelt University 

  • Bachelor’s in Marketing Communications from Columbia College Chicago.

  • Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

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