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The Best Habits to Counteract Anxiety

Occasional anxiety is quite commonplace in our face-paced society. However, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t manage it. Unchecked anxiety can develop into irrational dread of the simplest of tasks, debilitating fear, and draining health. You have options. Anxiety doesn’t have to bully you. Nurture the below habits to conquer it and fill yourself with the energy needed to experience freedom on a daily basis.

  1. Spend time with high-vibe people. I know you have at least one or two friends who always have a positive attitude and an infectious laugh that makes you laugh! Positivity is contagious and positive people usually attract positive events into their lives. Make it a point to schedule time on a consistent basis to glean from these people. It will help keep anxiety from manifesting.

  2. Get up over and over again. There will always be something to knock you off your path. How you choose to endure your hardship will affect your level of anxiety. Be slow to give up and give yourself grace when you feel that change isn’t coming quick enough.

  3. Give. It's easier to relieve anxiety when you’re making life better or easier for someone else. Give your time or resources to a worthy cause – including friends or family in need. Don’t stress yourself out with the formalities. Perhaps give your time to a friend who needs a babysitter for a few hours or treat your aunt to a pedicure. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel when you get your eyes off yourself.

  4. Exercise. In any advice that I give, I am ALWAYS going to point you towards exercise (#theLarryProject tee hee). Moving releases endorphins, sweating releases toxins, and if you find the right music it will release good energy. You'll also enjoy the benefit of knowing that you did something that supports your health and fitness. There are so many types of exercise classes from Barre to Hip-Hop spin. Find the one that feels like you’re treating yourself and go for it!

  5. Avoid gossip. Gossip can be fun and interesting, but all it does is take someone else’s bad energy and make it spread like wildfire. At some point, several people get burned. It may initially feel good but gossiping creates unnecessary drama in your life. The Psalm 34:13 says “Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking deceit”. Don’t forget that what you put out is what you get back. This is a wrong equation for alleviating anxiety.

  6. Avoid excess. Overabundance of any kind only suffocates your issues and push them deeper into your subconscious. This blocks healing. An excess of food, clothes, toys, etc can create clutter, stress, distraction, and guilt. Enjoy yourself, but be reasonable. Otherwise you’re internally breeding anxiety where you won’t recognize its source.

You don’t need your external circumstances to be perfect to alleviate anxiety. Incorporate these life-giving habits into your daily life to counteract anxiety and attract soul quenching things into your life.

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