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Aspire Leadership Coaching Group

Women Mosaic

Leadership Skills for Today's Workplace Challenges

Leadership development impacts both your personal and professional life for the better. Studies show that women in the workplace benefit from training and support to both grow their careers and combat burnout, work-life imbalance, imposter syndrome and more. The Aspire Leadership Coaching Group helps women expand their capacity to lead themselves as they increase their effectiveness and influence in the workplace. 

Join certified Leadership Coach and Advisor Davina Ware for a three-month group coaching experience. This unique program combines the best of leadership development practices with peer support, interactivity, and skill building.

During this program, you will:

  • Increase self-awareness and harness the power to influence the world around you.

  • Learn your unique behavioral style and what you need to succeed in the workplace.

  • Sharpen your skills around three competencies designed to impact your life. Last quarter, we journeyed into 3 of 27 Complete Leader competencies:

    • Conceptual Thinking

    • Self-Management

    • Conflict Management

  • Learn practical skills as you are guided by a certified coach.

  • Build your professional network with like-minded women.

Program Logisitics

Who this group is for:

  • Leaders in their first five years of leadership, or

  • Leaders of a team, department, division, or C-level in a small organization

Each live monthly session will consist of:

  • Leadership skill building. Increase your knowledge of and proficiency in one of the three skills identified for this program. Understand the importance of the skill, how it shows up in work and life and how to increase your mastery of it.

  • Application of the skill using your behavioral style. Complete an activity around the leadership skill designed to strengthen your behavioral profile, increasing self-awareness and work application of the skill.

  • Peer Coaching. Participants are invited to share a current challenge for group discussion so that peers can provide insight and possible solutions to overcome the challenge.

  • Active commitment. Commit to homework for the skill throughout the month, until the next session when you’ll report back on your experience and the impact on your work.

Participants will receive:

  • Personalized Assessment with a one-on-one debriefing. Depending on the quarter, the assessment will be DISC, Motivators, Acumen Capacity, or EQ

  • Knowledge and tools to use in your workplace right away

  • One next-step strategy coaching session


Participants commit to three months of participation for a quarter. Each month we will meet virtually for 2 hours. The time will be decided based on the collective availability of the participants. The maximum number of participants is 8 for the program.


$199 per month or $550 one-time payment

Interested in joining an upcoming cohort? Click here to join the waitlist!

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