What Career Season Are You In?

Have you ever said to yourself, “Where am I?”, when thinking about your place in life? Maybe you felt like you missed it or that you’re late to where you’re “supposed to be”. Let me ask you a really sobering question, How do you know that you’re not in the right place at this very moment?

Unless you have been knocked upside the head with red flags, you don’t really know.

In order to make real moves, you need to know where you are – ultimately the season you’re in. With the four climate seasons, we know exactly what time of the year it is, how to dress for the weather, how the season will affect our mood, what celebrations to prepare for, the changes needed in our self-care routines, etc. Your career operates in a similar fashion. Frustration and stagnation surfaces from not knowing what career season you’re currently in.

Within each career season there is a purpose designed for you. There are also challenges. The key is knowing what this season means and how to maneuver through gracefully so that you are successful in the next season. Take a look at each season I’ve outlined to pinpoint where you are and how to thrive within it!

The Green Season

This is the season where you are what is considered “green behind the ears.” At this point, you are new to the workforce, have entered a new industry, or are working in a new function. This does not necessarily indicate entry-level but rather your inexperience in a particular area. Your managers know that they must create an environment for you to grasp the systems, processes, and concepts for you to perform properly. There will be a good amount of repetition in this role, but it is designed to build your foundation. Mistakes are inevitable as this position requires minimal expertise. You can consider yourself to be in a Green Season if you have three years or less of experience within your current role, function, or industry.