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8 Easy Ways to Invest In Your Career Right Now!

You can make great strides in building your career path without spending long days and nights at the office. Advancing your career is the result of several small tactics. The combination of these tactics can result in an impressive and solid foundation.

1.) Be reliable. We’ve all worked with a colleague that couldn’t be trusted. He was the one person that you knew wouldn’t be able to keep his word. Avoid establishing a similar reputation. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Be 100% reliable at all times. People will always remember what you don’t do.

2.) Be timely. Whether it’s for work or a meeting, always be on time. Showing up late screams to people that you have poor time management skills. Do you take control of your time or allow it to control you? Avoid being too early for meetings. You’ll appear to have too much free time. 10 minutes early is right on time.

Side Note: Always have your work done on time. Give yourself the opportunity to impress. If

you can have something done by Wednesday, tell your boss it will be done on Friday and

turn it in early. Consider that most people do the opposite and get themselves in trouble.

3.) Dress for success. Your colleagues and upper management take notice when you show up sharp! Many promotions are given to the candidate that looks the part. Always dress up one level from your peers. Strive to dress like your boss. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes.

4.) Keep your resume up to date. Spend a few minutes each month to add any new, relevant information to your resume. This includes latest achievements, changes in job duties, and the success of a project you’ve completed. When a good opportunity comes along, you’ll be prepared!

5.) Keep a record of your achievements. Did you simplify a process? Save the company money? Train someone? All of these activities are worthy of being recorded. Keeping a current list of your successes (big and small) allows you to speak concretely about work ethic and sell yourself when negotiating a salary. WRITE THESE DOWN! It doesn't count when you don't put it on paper, in a Word document, in an Excel file. Be sure to include how the results of your achievement helped your team or organization reach its goals.

6.) Enhance your public speaking skills. Few people enjoy public speaking, but good presentation skills are in high demand. Since so few people have the courage to build their skills, it isn’t too challenging to become an effective public speaker. Although it can be a bit frightening, public speaking has its perks. You become more memorable in your organization, demonstrate leadership qualities, and connect with your colleagues.

7.) Be indispensable. Some employees are so indispensable that the company goes out of its way to make them happy. BE SURE YOUR EMPLOYER NEEDS YOU. Find an important task and master it. Is there an opportunity to take on additional responsibilities? Be sure any extra work is relevant. Is a long-time employee leaving? Maybe you can fill some of the gaps that are created by their departure.

8.) Find a mentor. The right mentor will take pride in helping you advance your career. A mentor can provide invaluable advice and introduce you to others who can be very beneficial to you. Don’t know where to find one? Start with your immediate work circle or past professors. Don’t count your boss out! In most cases, their success depends on yours.

Avoid following the clique at work. The average employee decides to do the minimal amount of work to keep their paycheck. It isn’t difficult to stand out from the pack by being a little more conscientious. Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Invest in your career today by excelling at the little things. You’ll be glad you did!

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